Cookie Good Holiday Treats

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Cookie Good, based in Santa Monica, serves up delectable and creative cookie creations. Have you ever eaten something delicious and thought, “I wonder what this would taste like as a cookie?” Maybe not, but Cookie Good founders Ross and Melanie Canter have, and you should be thankful for that. The results of this thought are some of the most original, yet delicious cookies I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste, offering comforting homemade goodness in new and surprising forms. They've recently become famous for their Cheetos Cookie, which tastes shockingly good. 


It is no surprise that Cookie Good's holiday creations are equally unique and wonderful! With flavors Oreo-Candy Cane, Yule Log, and Babka to name a few there is a cookie for every occasion. The Babka cookie tasted so much like the traditional Jewish treat that I kept taking more bites just to see if I was making it up in my mind. But no, the flavor profile is so spot on! 

There are more traditional cookies too; Cookie Good offers Danish Sugar Cookie, Holly Jolly, and Holiday Sprinkles for those less adventurous dessert eaters among us. 

The Hot Cocoa cookie is another favorite of mine. A chocolate cookie topped with marshmallows, this classic drink turned cookie doesn't disappoint.

Cookie Good also serves their unique, Cookie Corn in a few holiday flavors, like Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch. What's Cookie Corn? Basically, it is caramel corn rolled in cookies. It is the perfect combo of salty and sweet. 

Stop by Cookie Good this holiday season to snag these limited edition treats.