Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Launches LA Food Truck

My 2018 doughnut journey began with a beloved DC export turned LA hot spot—Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken. Up until fairly recently, Angelinos had been missing out on the magical East Coast flavor combination of fried chicken and doughnuts. When Astro Doughnuts opened downtown last April, residents quickly figured out what they had been missing.

This past week, Astro Doughnuts launched their first LA food truck. I stopped by Venice’s First Fridays to get in on my share of the fried action. I clearly wasn’t the only person with this idea. There was a line for Astro Doughnuts the entire night. Just when I start to think it was dying down, a new crowd of people would gather round.


As I waited to get my hands on all the fried goodies, I learned the tricks of the truck. All the doughnuts are made just one hour before the truck heads out, with the crème brulee doughnuts glazed by blow torch before customers eyes. The chicken is all fried up as it’s ordered in a custom made breading machine. With five doughnut flavors served out of the truck and a few different ways to eat your chicken, you really better come with a big appetite.



Astro's doughnuts are fluffy, thick, and so sweet. My favorite doughnut, as it always is, was the Maple Bacon. The Vanilla Glazed doughnut, served with a signature Astro’s A was another highlight—sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Make sure you get some good big bites in because so much of the flavor comes from the glaze on top. The S’mores doughnut is a chocolate lover’s dream, served with a big marshmallow right on top. If you love classics turned crazy, check out the PB&J doughnut served with nuts on top. And as I mentioned the Crème Brulee doughnuts are glazed in truck, so they are definitely worth a bite or ten.


As for the fried chicken, I am a sucker for chicken fingers. Ask for a side of their BBQ sauce. It has a very nice kick to it. Astro Doughnut’s portions are really generous, so you could probably share with friends. But then you’d miss out on the fun of a variety of fried chicken sandwiches and toppings. Depending on how actively you are trying to clog your arteries, you can get your fried chicken on a bun, biscuit, or doughnut. And whatever you get, top it off with Sriracha Mayo. Trust me. Oh and make sure you get a nice lemonade to wash it all down.

And if that isn’t enough for you, make sure to get a side of tater tots. As long as you are enjoying fried food, might as well go all in. Thank you Astro Doughnuts for helping me turn Friday into Fry-day. It set the tone perfectly for both my weekend and February. Looking forward to a month full of things that just make me smile.