Carrera Cafe - West Hollywood

Located next to the Pink Wall in West Hollywood, Carrera Café is edible fodder for all those looking for a few more photos for Insta post their Pink Wall photo shoot. It’s also just a really cute place to grab coffee and catch up with your friends, assuming you can find parking on Melrose.


The sandwiches, pastries, and salads at Carrera are delicious. But make sure that you take full advantage of the epic latte’s they are known to brew. With the help of the app, Coffee Ripples, Carrera let’s you customize your latte art however you like. Simply download the app, upload your photo of choice, and you’ll be sipping on your own design in no time.


My friend and I each got pictures of ourselves on our lattes (is that weird? Too bad.) You’ll for sure want to snap some cute pictures with your custom coffee. But word to the wise, don’t take too long or your coffee might get cold. The foam on mine definitely deflated a bit before I got around to drinking it.


Not a coffee drinker? Carrera Café also sells H2rose, a rose water beverage meant to cleanse the skin, boost your mood, and purify the body. It is low in sugar, so you can feel good drinking it while you enjoy a Carrera pastry.


So next time you are in Weho, brave the tourists at the Pink Wall head to Carrera Café; maybe you’ll even be inspired to take some selfies yourself.