Sweetfin Poke - Beverly Grove

The poke craze in LA is the real deal. Sweetfin raises the bar on the poke game. While you order at a counter like all the other LA poke joints, eating at Sweetfin feels more like a high end dining experience. The shops are beautiful and the menu more interesting than its competitors'. For instance, for a base, you can choose bamboo rice, kelp noodles, or citrus kale. I love to make my bowls with the bamboo rice, I add tuna, Sriracha ponzu for a spicy kick, and all the citrus fruit, edamame, and avocado I can pile on. 

Sweetfin also has a variety of beverages--house infused teas, coconut water, and lemonades. They also have complimentary spa water, which I love.  

Living right near the West 3rd location has been a blessing. Post Pure Barre or Pilates, I have been known to grab a bowl with a girlfriend and enjoy the outdoor seating. We’ll run lines or just catch up over our poke. Plus, when I order a large bowl, I usually have enough left for a late afternoon snack later, the portion is that generous.

Thank you Sweetfin for always being the answer to my post sweat cravings.