Bruxie -- Santa Monica

You’re spending a beautiful day at the beach and suddenly you’re craving chicken and waffles…don’t worry, Bruxie has got you covered. Home of the Original Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, you are in for a treat. The combination of savory and sweet is just a match made in heaven. And if you want a little extra savory, definitely get the bacon waffle. 


The menu offers a wide assortment of waffle and chicken combinations—you can get them together, separately, and in every flavor combination you could want. I really love the Kickin’ Chicken Waffle Sandwich. The hot and spicy flavor of the chicken is subdued both by the waffle and the pickles it is served with. Get a side of waffle cut fries, too. Another great way to curb the spice.


New to Bruxie’s menu is the Kickin’ Mac and Tenders special, available this month only! This loaded special comes with Spiced Kickin’ Tenders, Bacon Mac & Cheese and a drink. I washed it all down with an Arnold Palmer—so sweet and perfect for this early summer weather. All of Bruxie’s dishes are portioned very generously, so I recommend coming with a friend or two and sharing. Or take home leftovers for second lunch later. Either works!


Trying to be a little healthier than just straight fried chicken and mac n cheese for lunch? Bruxie has some very good salads, like the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Salad. Sure, not the lowest calorie lunch ever, but you’re getting your fried chicken fix and some greens at the same time. 


I also highly recommend checking out the dessert options—either save room or come just for those. The Waffle Sundae is enormous and delicious! The warmth of the waffle has the ice cream, whipped cream, and hot sauce melting beautifully into a heavenly mess on a plate. But eat it fast or you’ll end up with a waffle mush. Still yummy, but best of luck leaving Bruxie with a shirt free of chocolate stains. Just me? Oh ok. 


Anyway, Bruxie is a favorite cheat meal of mine, and it is probably a good thing I don’t live closer or I’d be in all the time to take advantage of the $5 Waffle Wednesday Deal. But you should absolutely check it out! You can thank me later.