C.O.D Restaurant -- Beverly Grove

Looking for delicious Asian fusion in Beverly Grove? Look no further than C.O.D Restaurant on West 3rd Street. 

With an expansive menu, and an amazing happy hour weekdays from 5-7pm, C.O.D stands for “catch of the day.” The name embodies the restaurant's passion for fresh, high quality ingredients. With a glass of rose in hand, I had the delightful experience of tasting through a few menu items; I didn’t have a bad bite all night. Our waitress was incredibly helpful in pointing out popular menu items, and she sure didn’t steer us wrong. 


My friend and I started with the 4-piece Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice. A favorite dish of mine, it wasn’t too spicy and the tuna practically melted in my mouth. I could have eaten 10 more pieces. 


The Salmon with Yuzu Soyis another menu highlight. Served in 6 pieces, this salmon is lightly seared with sizzling sesame oil, garlic, and serrano chili. Plus each piece has a slice of jalapeño on top, which was a nice contrast to the sweet yuzu soy. 


If you are dining at C.O.D with a friend who isn’t into seafood, definitely get the Crispy Pork Belly. To be honest, get it even if everyone loves seafood—it was that good. It comes served in small honey soy glazed bites, topped with jalapeno, green onion, and cilantro.


Now, onto one of the most famous C.O.D menu items—the Truffle Uni Pasta. It comes in a big bowl, perfect for sharing between two to three people, and is made with shaved truffle, green nori linguini, creamy uni sauce, and fish roe. It is definitely a heavier item, but oh so worth it. 


My friend and I barely had room left for dessert, but got very easily talked into the Chocolate Lave Cake, served with a scoop of vanilla and a berries. My friend said it best when she said, “I want to live in this cake.” It is served warm and gooey and perfect. You could have rolled me home by the time I ate the last bite, but those of you who know the warmth of a food coma know there is no shame in a dinner well devoured.


I highly recommend checking out C.O.D next time you want Asian food with strong Californian influences. Plus if anyone wants to hit happy hour with me, let me know.