Crityk X Del Frisco’s Brunch

This past Sunday, some fellow Foodie Tribe members and I had the delicious privilege of brunching at Del Frisco’s Grille Pasadena with Crityk App

What is Crityk? It’s a new app that lets you review and see reviews for specific dishes when you dine out. You’ll never have to wonder “are these waffles as good as they look on insta?” ever again. Since you can see ratings for individual dishes, rather than the restaurant as a whole, you have a better sense of what to order than you would by just using Yelp. The whole menu is actually in the app, and you can sort by dietary restrictions. 


We were seated on Del Frisco's beautiful patio, which I hear does a mean happy hour. Definitely hoping to check that out in the near future. 

Del Frisco’s brunch menu hits all the classic items, like Eggs Benedict and Chicken and Waffles, while serving up a few unique bites, too. The Red Velvet Waffles and Bacon had everyone’s jaws on the floor. Definitely more of a dessert than a breakfast, this dish certainly stole the show. A few bites were more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth for the day. 5 stars on the Crityk app from me! 

If you’re a fan of boozy brunches, then you are in luck because Del Frisco’s drink menu is bomb! I enjoyed the White Sangria, which came with a popsicle dipped inside! The drink turned pink and became infused with an additional fruity taste as I dined. 

When no one could eat or drink another bite, the team from Crityk and their partners at Cutwater Spirits excited us all with an awesome raffle. I won a case of their Real Spirited Cocktails, which I cannot wait to enjoy over the holidays. 

Thank you Crityk App, Del Frisco’s Grille, and Cutwater Spirits for reminding me why Sunday is the best day of the week!